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Smartosso is the best way to combine a playful activity with a health exercise for your four-pawed friend.

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About us

About us

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    • Automatic exercise and play all day long
    • Personalized entertainment
    • PH salivary sensors
    • Long battery life
    • Periodontal Prevention
    • Cover and accessories


    Smartosso helps the owner interact with his/her friend

    The collected and analyzed data are sent to the owner by an app installed on his/her mobile phone or on an electronic device, to be handy and easily consulted at any time. Sent, organized and stored to be examined even after some time and create a trend of our friend’s health.

    Smart Bone

    Super-tech, ergonomic, useful device

    Smartosso is the best way to combine play/game and health for your four-legged friend. Just by playing and without even realizing it, you will be able to monitor his/her health.

    • Measures the salivary pH
    • Heart rate and saturation
    • Equipped with GPS

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