The “Best Practices Award for Innovation” was born in 2006, as a result of the Innovative and Technological Services Group of Salerno Confindustria, with the aim of promoting the “culture” of innovation and the usefulness of innovation processes to public and private markets, through the presentation of real innovation cases carried out by companies in the Services sector, for some years now also open to production companies, startups and spin-offs.

The edition  of 2018 is, for sure, in the name of large numbers. Organized by Confindustria Salerno with the support of Campania Development and Salerno Chamber of Commerce, it has as objective to spread the culture of innovation through the presentation and promotion of concrete projects of enterprises and start-ups. Among the most significant numbers, the participation of over 1500 people during the event, 109 projects in competition between companies and startups from 14 Italian regions, 300 young students from universities and colleges involved in the hackathon and in the digital manufacturing laboratory, and 50 partners deserve to be mentioned.

During the event, Confindustria Salerno, in collaboration with SELLALAB Banca Sella Group, Green Generation Hub and the University of Salerno, organized the Hackathon Young Talent. The competition involves students and PhD students in computer science, computer engineering, management engineering, business economy, communication and company management, taking part in the solution of business challenges, identifying innovative strategies, useful for real needs, thus avoiding waste of resources and time.

A third ex aequo place for SmartOsso from Reggio Calabria, the first intelligent bone for dogs that aims to combine the ludic aspect and that one related the the health of our dog, and Mecaprom in the province of Biella, which has designed a range of electric vehicles dedicated to freight transport capable of carrying out an interchange activity within urban centres and areas with limited traffic without any impact on the environment and with operating costs content.