Start-up from Reggio Calabria has been selected to participate in Las Vegas Tech Fair.

SmartOsso, a project dedicated to the development of a smart bone for dogs, will be presented at the 2020 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas from the 7th-10th January.

SmartOsso, developed by the Reggio Calabria based start-up Kaliot Srl, has been chosen by TILT – The Italian Lab for Technology which is part of the project Made in Italy – The Art of Technology who selected the best Italian innovative ideas that represent national excellence in innovation during the mission organised by ICE-ITA-Italian Trade Industry.

The Calabrian Start-up, which first began as part of the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, will participate in this event which represents the best in worldwide innovation and which in 2019 registered almost 200,000 visitors, with over 1000 speakers and 8500 stands from all over the world.


The project came about by chance, as SmartOsso Partner Francesca explains, “A while ago my dog wasn’t well, he was lethargic, wasn’t barking and wining from the pain. So, I took him for a check-up with my vet, dear friend and SmartOsso partner Antonella, who explained that Nica, my dog, had a bad toothache which could develop into a serious heart problem if left untreated!’

“This is rather common illness which is often underestimated because many dog owners don’t keep an eye of their dog’s dental health. So, together we began documenting and trying to find a product that could help identify symptoms early on, this research highlighted that nothing similar was available on the market.”

“Thanks to Facebook we got in contact with Domenico Rositano, SmartOsso partner and Innovation Promoter at the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, who via social media put together an excellent team which includes, Filippo, Francesco and Giuseppe and then went on to develop a Business Plan for our new product.”

Domenico added ‘We already have several meetings set up with different financers. The idea is well liked, and we are currently trying to find the best solution for us”


SmartOsso is the first smart bone for dogs, 100% Made in Italy by Kaliot Srl

This product gives you the opportunity to both play with your dog and at the same time keep their health under control, thanks to a smart bone which sends feedback to an app on your phone.

The smart bone with its various sensors and chip is able to calculate and evaluate a range of health checks such as: Saliva PH levels – which helps control dental health; Body temperature – to help control inflammation; Movement – to understand behaviour changes or motor problems, and Heartrate – which can help identify heart problems.

SmartOsso does not want to substitute regular trips to the Vet but simply helps dog owners to understand when the best time for a check-up is.  Senor’s translate even the smallest change in your dog’s health, which can often go unnoticed, into useful data that is sent directly to your smartphone and which allows you to seek suitable treatment and hopefully avoid serious health problems. All data can be saved and remotely sent to your vet or used to create your own health care file.